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A vintage kitchen cupboard gets a fun makeover

One of my readers sent me this vintage kitchen cupboard that had belonged to her grandma. She wanted me to transform it into something fresh and fun to go with her modern home decor. This is what I did.

Some weeks ago I shared here an old sideboard makeover that I did for a reader. This reader had two bits of furniture that she had inherited from her grandma and wanted me to transform them and give them a more modern look to match her home decor style.

As I said, you’ve already seen one of the transformations, so today it’s time for the other one – a vintage kitchen cupboard:



These cupboards were very common in Spain back in the day. You would find them in every granny or great aunt’s home. You could find them in lots of different, fun colors, green, blue, orange, red…

They were cheap and common so when they became old fashioned, most people just got rid of them and now they are quite sought-after. The retro lines and vibrant colors make them quite fun and fresh, so many young people want them in their homes.



That’s what Rosana, the reader, wanted me to do with this vintage kitchen cupboard – to transform it and make it fit into her modern and colorful home decor. I absolutely love red, but it wasn’t the best color for her home and the paint was in very bad condition anyway. The cupboard had already been painted once, quite a long time ago, and the paint had chipped away all over the place.

Rosana wanted to put this cupboard in her living room, which is decorated in white with pops of green, pink and red. The minute I saw photos of her living room I knew pink was the perfect color for this vintage kitchen cupboard.

Her instincts were orange but she trusted me and let me go pink. Oh my! I absolutely love how it turned out and so did she!!

Before painting there were other boring bits to take care of though. First I took off the doors and drawers, which was quite tricky because the screws had almost become part of the cupboard. Then I thoroughly cleaned the thing (there was A LOT to clean) and sanded it before applying the primer.

I wanted a fun pink that was fresh but not too cheesy and to add some pops of black on the handles and doorknobs to stop it being too girly.

Rosana, who is so lovely, sent me a photo of her living room. I really like how the old sideboard and this vintage kitchen cabinet go together. My initial advice to her was to put them in separate rooms because I thought they were just too different but this photo changed my mind. What do you think?



Here you can clearly see the difference between the before and after the makeover. The things you can do with a bit of love and a can of paint! In case you missed it, check out Rosana’s old sideboard makeover and do not miss any of my furniture makeover projects.

How do you like this vintage kitchen cupboard makeover?

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