Where Should Stone Foo Dogs Placed?

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Doors and entryways are considered essential pathways in some cultures around the world. In some Asian cultures, the entries need to be protected, so no negativity comes into the door. This is why you will find Foo Dogs at most entrances in Feng Shui.

Foo dogs are considered symbols of power and protection. They are believed to guard the entryways against bad luck and negative energies coming inside. Foo dogs are placed in homes, offices, and other important places in town. You can find them in various sizes and colors.

One thing most people get wrong is the placement of the foo dog. To use it correctly, you must ensure the statue is placed in the correct order. If you want this symbol of good luck for your home or office, keep reading to know the proper placement for foo dogs.

What Is A Foo Dog?

The foo dog is a mythical animal with a mixture of dogs, lions, and dragons. Historically, the dogs are known to guard the place. In ancient Buddhism culture, people used to keep lions to protect their sites. Lions are a big part of the Chinese culture in their direct form. So, this mixture of animals in mythical form became popular.

It is used in several parts of China to guard and protect the entryways of temples, houses, offices, buildings, castles, and more from all negative energies. Foo dogs are made from stone, marble, granite, bronze, and more. They are built in a ferocious and grand stance to ward off bad luck. Their stance shows them in a gesture as if they were attacking something.

Where to Place Foo Dogs?

There are a few different ways to place the stone foo dogs according to the direction and placement of doorways and the building itself.

If you have a door of your home or office in the northeast direction or the center, get a pair of temple foo dogs and place them in the northeast direction if they are in red. Place them in the center if they are made from metal, not stone.

Another thing to ensure is always keeping a pair – a male and a female – of foo dogs for your protection. This keeps the Ying and Yang forces in balance. One of them should have their mouth open, and the other should have the mouth closed to represent the breathing motion of life.

The male statue is on the right side, viewed from the outside, standing in front. The female foo dog is placed on the left. The female lion should have her paw placed on a baby lion, and the male should have the foot on a ball.

Do not place them separately. Make sure they are not facing each other and are placed facing the front. Also, it is better to put the pair in a corner without clutter.


The foo dogs are a potent symbol of protection. It has been used for ages to protect and guard the doorways. However, you must ensure to place it in the correct position and order. Always keep a pair of male and female foo dogs on the outside. Adjust them in a clean corner and cleanse their energy under a full moon once in a while.

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