Is a Portable Shampoo Bowl Worth It?

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A portable shampoo bowl is a specific kind of sink that may frequently be discovered in barbershops and hair salons. These sinks include rounded cutouts that are intended to fit behind a person’s neck when they wash their hair.

There is a wide variety of shampoo bowls available, ranging from freestanding pedestals to integrated units that are constructed into chairs. In most cases, shampoo bowls are connected to the water system and the sewage or septic system.

They are precisely like conventional sinks; however, there are some mobile units available. The portable shampoo bowl is especially beneficial to hairdressers who conduct business from their own homes or from mobile salons.

Where Portable Shampoo Bowls are Used Mostly

The portable shampoo bowl is an example of a frequent piece of salon equipment. This gear is meant to facilitate the hairstylist’s or barber’s ability to readily wet a client’s hair before performing services or to offer a thorough wash and cleanse service.

Sinks are known as shampoo bowls, and they are equipped with something like a water supply, tap, drain, and frequently a sprayer of some kind.

Designed for Portability

As a general rule, comfort is a primary consideration during the design process, which often results in a physical appearance that is distinct from that of conventional sinks.

Portable Shampoo bowls do not have uniform rims like other bowls; instead, they have curve cutouts in the front that are designed for the client’s neck to recline in. Someone getting their hair washed can benefit from being able to recline back and relax in this position.

Significant benefits of having a Shampoo Bowl

  1. A Portable Shampoo Bowl that can be moved from chair to chair can be pretty helpful since it saves clients the trouble of getting up from their seats to come to the sink to rinse their hair.
  2. It’s as simple as rolling it over to their location. Customers can lie back comfortably while washing their hair in a portable sink because some include a tilting mechanism.
  3. Self-contained sinks are economical and time-saving when you need an extra sink right away, as they can be placed wherever you like in your salon without disrupting the plumbing.
  4. The shampoo bowl on wheels may prove to be an indispensable asset in the maintenance of your salon’s sanitary conditions.
  5. Because it may be placed close by or right next to you, it allows you to wash your hands rapidly. If your main bathroom is in use and someone has to use the restroom, they can use this sink instead.
  6. Customizable features of portable sinks include the ability to provide either hot or cold water and the addition of cabinets for stowing toiletries like towels and shampoo.


Portable shampoo bowls are an essential part of a saloon, A barber’s shop, etc. Portable shampoo bowls can be moved from place to place for different clients at a saloon. There wouldn’t be a need for an additional hair washing area.

It is a highly suggested product for people who need such a thing and is readily available on the internet.

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