Tips for Choosing a Retractable Garden Hose Reel

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Hose reels have been a game-changer in many applications that require hoses. There are various types in the market to choose from depending on your liking. An example is a retractable garden hose reel, a quality garden equipment that is cylindrical in shape, made of either plastic, fiberglass, or metal. It is used for rolling a garden hose up till the next time hence keeping it neat, tidy, and safe. In this write-up, we discuss factors to look for when choosing a retractable garden hose reel.

What to Look for in a Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Retractable garden hose reels are ideal for heavy-duty or medium-duty operations. The reels have varying features that set them apart from each other. Below are characteristics outlined to help you choose the best reel for maximum benefits.

1. Mounted or Portable

The retractable garden hose reel can either be portable or mounted on the wall. A wall-mounted reel can be fixed permanently on the wall and have a long enough hose to run from that point to the garden. Some can be mounted when in use and put away in storage after the job is complete. Wall-mount retractable reels save you the energy required to move it to the garden like the portable kind, moved from place to place.

2. Rewinding Speed

How fast the hose is rolled back into the reel is determined by the rewind mechanism of the reel. Some models have a slow rewind function that retracts the hose slowly, while others are fast. A fast retracting garden hose reel is loaded with a spring that forces the hose to snap back into the housing when the rewind mechanism is triggered. Thus, ensure the hose reel you choose has the rewinding speed you want.

3. Lockable

The feature is a must-have, especially in areas where security is compromised. Retractable garden hose reels are also expensive, and losing one would be a considerable loss. Look for one that can be locked to the mounting if it’s located outside for additional security. You can do the same when installed inside or create a hole to feed the hose through for safety.

4. Child Lock

An integrated child lock is vital to keep away curious children from pulling the hose out or drawing the hose reel from the housing. It ensures the reel is only touched when needed.

5. Hose End Clip

Select a model with a clip or storage place on the reel housing to hold the end of the hose. After removing the spray gun, plug the hose end on the spot to prevent it from collecting dirt.

6. Hose Stopper

Stoppers are suitable for controlling the retracting of the hose on the reel, so you don’t have to hold onto the hose when watering. They are common on garden reels with a slow rewind system.


Retractable garden hose reels are an essential tool for gardeners; to make work easier and save on time. The price range of these reels is on the higher side hence choosing the right one is vital. The factors mentioned above will help you during the buying process, and you can also seek assistance from the seller on which one matches your interests.

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