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My hall makeover: diy accent wall

The walls in my hall used to look extremely boring and ugly. Not anymore! They’ve undergone an extreme makeover. Check it out!

After finishing my bedroom makeover, my small living room decor and my small kitchen remodelit’s time to tackle the next challenge: the terrible, dark, lame hall.

The hall is pretty dark, as I said, and it had popcorn textured walls. I smoothed them myself but that was a messy dirty dusty process that I don’t even want to think about anymore so let’s go with the fun part – painting and decorating.

The first thing you see when you walk into our home is a flat dark wall at the end of the hall. It’s not interesting or pretty and I wanted to do something eyecatching and also give it some depth so when you cross the door you see something inviting.

For this I wanted to use a photo of Mick that I took in Marrakech because it’s pretty and, because it was taken right in front of a window, it also gives that illusion of depth and a touch of light.

The next thing after having the photo printed and framed was choosing the perfect wallpaper to give that wall some texture and interest. I spent hours and hours on the hunt but I just couldn’t find the right one. My mind kept going back again and again to this gorgeous Kelly Wearstler graffito wallpaper:

This wallpaper is so very beautiful and so veeerrrryyyy expensive, $996 per roll, no less. I don’t think I’ve spent $1000 total on any of the rooms so, obviously, this wallpaper was absolutely over budget. But it got me thinking… ‘Hmmmm, maybe I can do my own diy version’. Ding!

I painted all the walls in this soft pink color. It gives the hall a bit of life but doesn’t take out any light. I used the same color for this diy accent wall. I started using a medium brush and the finished the details with a finer one.

I painted directly on the plaster I used to smooth the popcorn walls so the paint was unevenly absorbed in different places highlighting the brushmarks. I love the fact that you can see it was hand painted. It gives it more texture and makes it more interesting.

On the other walls I used a primer before painting to get an even finish.

Those wardrobe doors are ugly and dated, the floor is not the pretties but, man, do I love my new walls. What a difference from the terrible popcorn walls I had before.

I love how much depth this photo brings to this flat wall. It’s almost like a fake window. I used a similar trick on my bedroom makeover but that time using a mirror that reflects a shelf full of plants.

I thought about using a mirror in this spot too but I don’t want to be welcomed home by my own reflection everytime I come in the house, thank you very much.

I wasn’t intending to add a rug in this space but right now, I definetely feel it’s really asking for one. What do you think?

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