The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Marble Slabs

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Marble Slabs

Marbles are the best choice for surface designs on floors, walls and countertops.

These marble slabs are available in different types and colors, so you have a wide range of designs to choose from. They are also available in slip resistant surfaces which is good for kitchens and bathrooms and also polished surfaces.

But it is advised to not be used in bathrooms because of its slippery nature.

Why Marble Slabs are Popular

These marble slabs are available in beautiful and distinct colors making it a war of choice when it comes to picking a marble slab color.

The unique types and colors may include Lais grey marble slab and tiles, Natural Quartzite super white marble slab, Brazilian Grey Donatello marble slab, Empire Beige marble slab, Tundra grey marble slab and so many other colors.

The general notion is that marbles are porous and they get stained easily. This can be avoided as long as one takes proper care of marble surfaces, identify substances that may likely taint it, and ensure that such substances don’t spill on the surface.

If taken care of, marble surfaces can be beautiful. They prove to be the best choice.

Making the right Marble slab choice

Regardless of the fact that there are myriad of marble colors to pick from, it is important to limit one’s choice to the particular use the marble is meant for.

For instance, it is advised that a white marble slab color be used for kitchen countertops because if it gets stained, it would not be as noticeable compared to when other colors are used.

However, this is still subject to the choice of the purchaser.

Before a choice is made, it is necessary to contact a stone factory to enquire if the type of marble you seek is available.

Contacting a marble or stone factory will also help you ask relevant questions concerning marble finishes. Expert opinions can be provided to satisfy one’s curiosity about the material.

If you have made the decision to purchase marble surfaces, the next question to ask is how does one pick the perfect marble slabs for walls, countertops and floors?

As easy as it may sound, when faced with varieties of marble slabs to pick from with all its unique colors, making a choice may seem difficult.

How to pick a Desired Marble Slab Type and color.

  • Have an idea in mind: Having an idea of the kind of marble slab you wish to purchase will help you place focus on the exact type that you want. Going into a stone or marble factory without a clue will easily confuse and distract you from making an unplanned choice.
  • Examine the Marble slabs properly: Inspecting the marble slabs to check for cracks, stains or breaks is very necessary. This can occur as a result of moving the marble or any other activity that might have happened even without the knowledge of the manufacturing factory.
  • Contact Credible stone Making Factories: Inquiries should be made in order to find a factory that specializes in making fine Marbles. You’d be sure to pick your preferred marble slab color.
  • Make an inquiry about the price and origin of the marble slab: This will help give clarity on the authenticity of the marble. It is important to be mindful of imitations or factories that tend to pass off marbles as what they are not.

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