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Before & after: my inexpensive bedroom makeover

I’ve changed my bedroom decor on a budget (again). Check my inexpensive bedroom makeover and steal some ideas for your own bedroom

Here’s another chapter of my home decor transformation: my inexpensive bedroom makeover. Maybe I should say my inexpensive bedroom makeover II.


We rented this flat unfurnished but I asked my landlady to send me photos of the flat from before, when her mom lived here. This is what the bedroom looked like:

It’s a well travelled educated old lady bedroom. It’s interesting… but it’s definetely not my style at all.

As I said before, the flat was empty when we moved in.

Right after we moved in the place was a hot mess. I was desperate to make it look like a home instead of a messy warehouse, so I made a lot of hasty decisions and it showed:

At first, I liked it. After a week, doubts started to creep in, and after a month, I absolutely hated it.

I don’t think it’s healthy (or stylish) to go to bed every single night in a bedroom that you hate, so my bedroom makeover needed a makeover.


First of all, it works because I like it. That’s the main ingredient in every succesful decor. It really doesn’t matter if the best of the best interior designers tell you your house looks awesome. If you don’t like it, it’ll never work.

The second reason is that it’s well structured. The focal points are clear and well distributed throughout the space. The diy velvet tufted headboard I had is beautiful but it just didn’t work in this space. It didn’t have enough space to breathe and the color was too pale when combined with the rest of the decor. It had to go.

Now the shelf with the plants is a clear focal point complemented by the colorful graphic throw on the bed.

It’s a fresh urban style, which is more our vibe than the previous romantic boho. I love boho, but more hippy rock chic boho.

Blue has completely gone from my home decor and I couldn’t be happier. I love strong colors like red, black and green. Blue is a nice color and it can be really beautiful but it’s just not my color. I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided blue was going to be the main color in the bedroom. I suppose I wasn’t thinking…


Some people believe it’s not healthy to have plants in the bedroom but that’s nonsense.

Plants not only look beautiful and sculptural but they also purify and humidify the air, which is great for your skin.


This blog is all about creating an original, stylish and personal decor on a budget. It can be done – you just have to think a little bit outside the box. You should be looking for alternatives to big chain stores, know your style and dominate the principles of home styling.

There are some things that will help you decorate your bedroom on a budget:

Diy – both bedside table lamps, the shelf above the bed, all the pillows, the throw, the hanging pots, the desk… my entire home is full of diy projects so the bedroom wasn’t going to be any different.

Second hand – every pot is second hand and none of them cost more than $4. The little rattan stool was $5, the frames are also second hand, both sconces above the bed… buying second hand is not only cheaper but also greener. You’ll also end up a more unique collection of objects, and a more original decor.

Repurpose: the mirror behind the rattan stool was an old door I rescued from a skip, I added a second hand frame to an old cork board to make it look a bit more mature… use your imagination to transform what you have and make it look beautiful and modern.

Our flat is really small so I had to fit a tiny home office in the bedroom. It’s not ideal to work in the same space you use to unwind, relax and sleep after a hard day but I have to say I love my little corner. It feels cozy, which is pretty unusual for a workspace.



My favourite color palette (right now): black, white, red, wood, plants and brass. I had my thoughts and second thoughts about painting the wall grey because it’s not a color I love. Black was too dark, white too bland and any other color wouldn’t have looked good with the rest of the decor, so I went with the grey and it turned out great! It totally works on that wall.


The bedroom is the perfect room to pull off symmetry. You just need to center the bed, use identical pillows, bedside tables, table lamps… I didn’t want it to look too perfect and formal, though, so I used different lamps and styled both bedside tables differently in what I like to call ‘casual symmetry’.


The shelf above the bed is the main focal point and the rest of the decor works around it. Right in front of the shelf there’s a grey wall with a mirror. The shelf is reflected in that mirror creating a window-like effects, which also adds depth to the flat wall.

A photo of my beloved David Bowie protects me in my sleep.

Peggy tried a bed for the first time. I had to take the pictures really quickly and move her out before she had time to realize how comfy and nice it feels to sleep on a bed, haha. She’s getting so big so quick! (sigh).

Well, this is my inexpensive bedroom makeover. Next stop: the corridor, which, right now, looks dark and sad. I’m planning on making it look fresh and modern. Let’s see how I get on…sign up the newsletter for updates!

What do you think. Do you prefer the old or the new bedroom decor?

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