Comprehensive Guide to Diamond Painting

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One of the most popular art of painting that has become famous in recent times is diamond painting. Generally, this form of art has made an impact in the world of art to the extent that most Crafters alongside DIYers are maximizing its uses.

In this piece, we will discuss what Diamond Painting is, as well as other things you should note about this wonderful art. Let’s get to it!

What is Diamond Painting?

This is simply a type of mosaic art that requires the painter to use tiny diamond-like resins to create a painting on an available canvas. During this painting, the artist will only have to strategically stick the diamonds on the canvas. The joining of the diamonds on the canvas ends up sparkling like original diamonds.

Diamond painting kit – what you should know

Regardless of the diamond painting brand, you’re purchasing, you should expect to get the same type of content in all of them. However, the quality and quantity of the products you end up buying solely depend on the brand. That said, here are some of the most basic inclusions of all diamond painting kit:

1. The canvas

As you may already know, the canvas is the first thing to think of when you think of a diamond painting. Without it, there’s no other known way to paint with diamonds. In most cases, the canvas comes with numbers as well as symbols. The colors are correspondence with the colors of the diamonds that exist. Also, the top of the canvas is laced with glue which allows you to stick the diamonds easily.

2. The Diamonds

Without diamonds, there won’t be a diamond painting. Most kits sold in stores have a variety of diamond colors that will enable you to arrive at a beautiful painting. Additionally, each diamond you find in the kit tends to have a code which you can find on the diamond’s package and also on the canvas. You must remember the code as this will prevent you from ruining your painting. Also, the detailed nature of your painting most times depends on the number of diamond colors in a kit.

3. The Tray

A majority of diamond kits come with a tray; a plastic one. The thin indentations on the tray enable the separation of the diamonds which in turn, allows you to easily pick them up. There’s also a feature on the tray that helps you to take the diamonds

4. Diamond Applicator Tool

The diamond applicator tools often come in a cylindrical shape just like a pen. Because of their pain like nature, you will find on it, a hollow end that’s located where the tip should be. They are used to pick up the diamonds from the tray and stick them to the canvas. A glue is usually applied to the tip to enable an easier transfer of the diamonds.


Diamond paintings should be hard as long as you’re equipped with the necessary tips. If you’re a beginner diamond painter, the above information should quickly get you settled on the right track!

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