5 useful tips to design bathroom vanities

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bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities are essential in every home. However, getting a perfect one requires that you plan carefully and you pay attention to detail.

Some of the decisions you will have to make include deciding on the style, size, layout, type of countertop and sinks.

Here are tips to guide you in designing perfect bathroom vanities.

Start With the Layout

The first thing you need to decide is where you will place the vanity and its size. The size of the vanity will depend on the space and your needs.

There are various types of vanities and they come in different sizes. The most common is the horizontal vanities that comprise a sink and cabinets. If you have a bigger bathroom, you can opt for an L-shaped vanity.

The number of sinks you can have will depend on the size of the vanity. Normally, vanities of less than 60 inches have one sink which is either centered or placed to the left or right. If your bathroom is large, you can get a bigger vanity if you want double sinks.

Determine the Style

What design do you want? You may base this on your home décor. Some of the styles are traditional, modern or contemporary. For instance, you can choose antique furniture and traditional cabinets.

For instance, if you choose traditional cabinets, you will have to choose the paint, type of door and whether to have doors, drawers or pullouts.

Do you want a floating vanity or a free-standing one? A floating vanity is mounted on the wall with space below open. Mostly it consists of open shelves although some have closed cabinets.

If you just want a sink, you can forgo the cabinetry and install only a wall-mounted countertop.

Decide On the Countertop

There are a number of countertops to choose from. These include marble, concrete, granite, wood, laminate, and quartz.

The most common bathroom countertops are quartz and granite because they are of high quality and durable. They also come with designer patterns.

Marble is softer, scratches easily and it is less tolerant of moisture. Laminate and wood are also not moisture tolerant and may not be suitable as bathroom vanities countertop.

Choose the Sink

There are various types of sinks depending on the method of installation. These include wall-mount, vessel, drop-in, and under-mount.

Wall-mount sinks are installed above the counter. The drain hole is cut from the countertop.

And under mount sink is placed below the countertop. They have supporting brackets and they give the bathroom vanities that seamless look. You might need a professional to install.

Drop-in sinks are placed inside a cutout in the countertop. They are held in place using lips that rest on the countertop. You can install these if you are good at DIY.

The Finishes

Bathroom vanities cannot be complete without finishes. You should select cabinet hardware, lighting, mirror, and faucets.

You should choose the cabinet knobs to use, whether the mirror will be in-built or replaceable, and choose the design of the faucet.

Do you want chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, stainless steel or brushed nickel finish?

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