Tips for buying the best bathroom wash basin

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Between pedestal, counter-top, semi-recessed, and more, buying bathroom basins can quickly become a chore. Not to mention considering whether to go for single, double, resin, stone, ceramic, and many others.

Purchasing the best wash basin for your bathroom can quickly become significantly tougher than you’d think. However, as with most other difficult choices, there are a couple of ways to fix your ordeal.

Identify Function

Will the basin be decorative, for utility, to save space, or to maximize corners? Once you know why you should have a bathroom basin, you can then choose a style that maximizes that function. You use pedestal for decoration, counter-top for utility, corner basins for space, and inset for style.

Decide Your Style

As with most house utility purchases, your choice in wash basins should fit your home’s overall theme. Counter mounted is ideal for a futuristic look while pedestal ones are best for featuring a tight space.

Double or Nothing

If your bathroom can handle it, you should pick a double basin over a single one every time. It’s especially ideal for large families to have double wash basins. But if the bachelor’s life is for you, a single bathroom basin is enough.

Optimize Your Choice

Always try to maintain consistency in your bathroom utility choices, especially color. If your counter unit is white ceramic, seek to ensure that your wash basin is also the same material and color. Most often, it’s easier to maintain consistency by making all your bathroom utility of the same brand.

The Many Types of Wash Basins for Bathrooms

Counter Tops

It’s an elegant option for most classic homes is the counter-top basin, also popularly known as vessel bathroom basins. Australia, like some other countries, has a preference for this traditional wash basin over inset designs.

It sits over or under a counter unit and often hides it’s plumbing work elegantly. Counter-top basins give the most utility space but are traditionally pricy and occupy more space than other options.


Much like counter-tops, these basins conceal their plumbing well but are significantly more minimalist. Pedestal hand basins are the best at creating a modern feature with bathroom basins. Australia and the UK also favor this type of wash basin for its utilitarian look.

Wall Mounts

These bathroom basins attach directly to the wall without the need for any counter unit or vanity. It’s the ideal choice for smaller bathrooms and gives significantly more leg space than any other option. However, you often get little storage capacity with a wall-mounted basin.


These bathroom features are the best at achieving a perfect minimalist but standout feature. It’s ideal for a small bathroom by helping you take maximum advantage of your corners. It’s also a type of wall-mounted basin.


There are so many options when it comes to choosing some of the best bathroom basins Australia has on offer. It’s essential that you choose the option that suits your taste, fits your bathroom, and ensures consistency in material and color.

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