The Perks that Come with a Smart Light Switch

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If you are thinking of turning your house into a smart home, one of the first steps you should take is installing a smart light switch for every room. They are not only one of the most affordable smart devices that you can get, but they come with many benefits.

What is a smart light switch?

They look like modernized light switches that have WiFi-enabled buttons. These buttons can let you control or customize the lighting in your house conveniently. You can also manage your smart lights through the smart home app.

How does a smart light switch work?

You operate the switch through the WiFi-enabled buttons. The smart device will then send wireless signals through WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or Zigbee to control the smart lights.

Some of the controls that you get are automated on and off switches, brightness adjusting, and color preferences. Usually, you are required to input these settings using a smarthome app.

What are the features of a smart light switch?

Aside from those mentioned earlier, you can be creative when it comes to customizing your smart light switch usage.

A common feature that homeowners are after is the built-in motion sensor. This means when you enter the room, the light automatically senses it and turns on. It then turns off automatically when you leave the room. This means no more fumbling around in the dark for the light switch.

Motion-sensor lighting is convenient for security purposes as well. This means your outdoor lights do not have to be on all night long. It can quickly alert you and the neighbors if someone is lurking around the house. This will discourage burglars from messing with you and your property.

Another well-loved feature is the ability to control other bulbs plugged into smart outlets such as Christmas lights or a bedside lamp. You can set a timer to automatically shut off these light sources so that they are not accidentally left on all night.

Types of Smart Light Switches

There are two basic types of smart light switches: in-wall and on-wall.

In-wall smart light switches are wired in and can replace your traditional light switches. Of course, it will take a while to install the system, but this will be worth it as a permanent fixture to your home.

On-wall smart light switches are battery operated. You stick them on the wall, and you are done – no need to deal with wiring. This could be the right solution if you want to move your light switch to a more convenient space. You can stick it wherever you want because there is no wiring involved.

With a ks-602s smart light switch, you will be able to operate multiple light sources conveniently, whether you are in or out of the house. This is a great starting point in moving towards a smart home.

Most smart light switches are compatible with any smart home system. If you already have one at home, make sure that they are compatible before making a purchase. For instance, if you are using Google Assistant or Alexa at home, look for a smart light compatible with them.

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